Leveling the playing field in mobile travel

Many tech startups begin with a solution, then look for a problem; some unearth a problem, and then build a solution (which is infinitely better).

We started with a client.
An established OTA of 20 years was not able to “crack” mobile: no matter what they did, they couldn’t translate their significant mobile user base into an equivalent share of conversions. So they desperately needed an app. Our goal, however, wasn’t to just build them an app; instead, we envisioned a full B2B2C SaaS platform that keeps their Digital team in control – and can be used by others with the same need.

To make sure we really understood their challenges, we worked as an integral part of the OTA’s operation, getting full visibility into each and every element of the value-delivery chain. To rule out a “brand halo effect”, we even masked our offering as a B2C app named “Loco.”

Fast-forward two years, we were already responsible for over a third of the OTA’s booking. That’s when we knew we were ready to come out of stealth mode, and share our travel e-commerce platform with the world.

Today, Trip Sciences is arming any brand - OTAs, airlines, hoteliers, or even non-travel brands - with a travel-in-a-box solution for generating revenue. We do for travel what Shopify™ has done for retail. Like Shopify, we began by running our own “travel store,” continued by turning it into an e-commerce platform, and built an eco-system of partners around it.